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 What Is Islander Green?

Islander Green was developed to publicize the growing number of projects and programs that promote sustainability through environmental initiatives taking place around campus. If you sponsor programs, research, or know of other activities that promote environmental stewardship/green initiatives, tell us your stories by: providing photos, web site links, and other applicable information. To have your green initiative postings included on this Web site, please e-mail them to us!

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Islander Update:

The University has Installed on campus a Solar Charging Station called a Solar Power-Dok!

SolarDok Logo

Features of the Solar Power-Dok:

- Generates and stores electricity for use day or night for true “Off the Grid” GREEN power!

- Provides (4) 110 vac 60 hz GFCI outlets and (4) USB Type “A” power outlets.

- High intensity LED lighting system with timer, operated with the push of a button.

- (3) 45 Watt Solar Panels (1) 100 Watt Solar Panel, total capacity 235 watts power generation.

- 600 Watt continuous pure sine wave power, 1200 watt peak surge (10 min).

- Robust capacity deep-cycle Gel Cell battery bank.

- Provides surge protected electricity for your electronic devices.

- Adjustable angular settings for the umbrella to maximize the sun’s exposure on the solar panels for peak seasonal efficiency.

- Table constructed from poly-recycled plastic materials.

- Solar charge controller with digital readouts to show power levels.

- Easy to clean surfaces.

- Umbrella surfaces can accommodate custom logos.

- Each product is fully customizable with many color choices available for table top, seat surfaces, structural aluminum components, and umbrella panel surfaces.

- The Solar Power-Dok is Made in America!

Calling All of Islander Green!

How do you want your Garden? What do you want to grow? What would you want to see or even eat? Floral or vegetation? Check Out the News Article for the Islander Gardens!

Send your ideas, talk to your student government representatives, staff or faculty councils, or the Environmental, Health & Safety Department.

Thank you Islander Green Team for all that you do! We are able to ensure our University Environment stays Green and Clean.

Islander Green Community Garden

The Islander Green Team has built the Islander Green Community Garden area.

We need everyone's help and involvement to have the garden continue and flourish.

Contact Us for more information on how you can help the Islander Gardens.

 Click Here for Pictures from the Garden Build!!!

Planting Day

TAMUCC Recycles

Do you know how to Recycle? Click Here to Learn More About Recycling in The City of Corpus Christi!

For More Information on Ink Cartridge Recycling Click Here.

For More Information on Battery Recycling Click Here.

Are you part of the TAMUCC Community? Then you are part of Islander Green!

Join Green Team

The Green Team supports the Environmental Advisory Council and the Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Environmental Policy.

The team encourages Environmental Stewardship while promoting school spirit and Environmental Awareness.

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Islander Green Activities

Click Here for a list of Activities proposed for the Islander Green Team.

Contact Us with any ideas, feedback, or comments.

Islander Green Website Under Construction Notice:

In preparing for the Islander Green Team, this Islander Green Web page will be continually under construction and updating.

Check back frequently for new information and meeting schedules.

Environmental Council Meeting:

The Environmental Council meets to review proposals for green projects that will be funded by the student approved Environmental Service (Green) Fee.

Students are welcome to attend.

Check out the EC Website for more information on the Environmental Advisory Council.