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Protecting Children from Lead Poisoning. To kick off National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (NLPPW), leaders of President Trump's Task Force on Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risks to Children raised awareness about the health risks associated with exposure to lead, specifically for children. "Reducing lead exposure, particularly among children, is a top priority for EPA," said EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler. "Today, we are releasing a new document, Protecting Children from Lead Exposures, that will increase public awareness of the EPA programs and grants available to reduce lead exposure." Each October, National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is a reminder about protecting children's health.

Reg Agenda Strong on Commitment to Environmental Protection and Regulatory Reform. EPA's Fall 2018 Regulatory Agenda and Plan show strong progress toward regulatory reform while advancing EPA's core mission of protecting human health and the environment. "To date, under President Trump, EPA has finalized 28 major deregulatory actions saving Americans over $1.6 billion and meeting the President's two-for-one regulatory order," said Wheeler.

13-Year High for Deleting Superfund Sites. EPA announced that in Fiscal Year 2018, the Agency deleted all or part of 22 sites from Superfund's National Priorities List, the largest number of deletions in one year since FY 2005 and a significant increase over the past few years. "Under President Trump, EPA is deleting Superfund sites from the National Priorities List at the fastest pace in more than a decade," said Acting Administrator Wheeler. "This remarkable accomplishment is proof that cleaning up contaminated lands and returning them to safe and productive use is a top priority of the Trump EPA."

Nearly $30 Million for Children's Health. In honor of Children's Health Month, EPA announced $20 million for states and tribes to test for lead in drinking water at schools and childcare facilities, and  about $9 million in rebates to public school bus fleet owners to help them replace older school buses with cleaner, more modern vehicles. "Children's health is a top priority at EPA, and we have made tremendous progress improving air and water quality and helping kids and families lead healthier lives," said EPA's Andrew Wheeler.




November 15 is America Recycles Day. Deciding to recycle items is just the first step. You can also make sure the items are recycled correctly. Learn how you can recycle common items such as paper, plastics, used oil, batteries and electronics, and many others.




Rule Your Attic.  Did you know that 9 out of 10 homes in the US are under-insulated? As the weather cools down, now is the time to get up in your attic and check the insulation. Find out how EnergyStar's "Rule Your Attic" can help you save energy and money and increase your home's comfort.

Airnow redesign.  Do you check the air quality before you go outside?  You can use Airnow to find the Air Quality Index or AQI, a color-coded number to help you decide whether the air quality is healthy or unhealthy for you and your family. Our redesigned Airnow site highlights air quality in your local area first, while still providing air quality information at state, national, or world views. A new interactive map even lets you zoom out to get the big picture or drill down to see data for a single air quality monitor.
Check your air quality now at https://airnow.gov

Smoke Sense app update: Do you live where wildfires can occur? Download the Smoke Sense app, which enables you to participate in a citizen science study about how smoke from wildfires can affect human health, while also learning about what you can do to protect yourself and your family from smoke from wildfires. The Smoke Sense app is free in the iPhone App Store and Google Play.

Remember: Lead-Safe Work. If you're planning to have work done on your home, look for contractors certified for lead-safe renovation. Lead paint is the main way people are exposed to lead in the U.S. now, and lead exposure can cause a range of serious health problems, and especially puts young children and their developing nervous systems at the greatest risk. EPA has fined contractors who violated lead-safe work practices that are designed to prevent or reduce lead hazards from renovation or home repair activities.

P3 Competition (due Dec 11).  It's the 16th annual People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Student Design Competition. Under P3, college teams apply for grants to develop and display innovative solutions for a sustainable future. P3 offers students quality hands-on experience that brings classroom learning to life. The P3 Competition is part of EPA's Sustainable and Healthy Communities research program, which supports the development of science and tools to help communities make better decisions toward a healthy society and environment. Applications for the Competition are being accepted thru December 11. For more information about P3 and how to apply:

Green Roofs. Communities, developers, and building managers -- plan ahead now for next season's hot weather. A green roof is a living, vegetative layer grown on the rooftop. Green roof temperatures can be 30 - 40F lower than conventional roofs and can reduce building energy use compared to conventional roofs. Check out EPA's "Using Green Roofs to Reduce Heat Islands" for more information and ideas now for planning for next year, to save energy and decrease costs.

Grants for Children's Health.  If you're a school or health administrator, EPA his making $20 million available for states and tribes to test for lead in drinking water at schools and childcare facilities. At the same time, EPA is announcing approximately $9 million in rebates to public school bus fleet owners to help them replace older school buses with cleaner, more modern vehicles. Learn more about this and how to apply.




El 15 de noviembre es el Día de América Recicla. La decisión de reciclar artículos es tan solo el primer paso. Usted también puede asegurarse de reciclar los artículos correctamente. Vea cómo reciclar artículos comunes como papel, plástico, aceite usado, baterías, efectos electrónicos y muchos más.

Rediseño de AirNow. ¿Usted verifica la calidad del aire antes de salir? Usted puede utilizar Airnow para encontrar el Índice de Calidad del Aire, o AQI (por sus siglas en inglés), un número con la codificación por colores que le ayudará a decidir si la calidad del aire es sana o insalubre para usted y su familia. Nuestro sitio web AirNow rediseñado destaca la calidad del aire en su área local primero, mientras también provee información sobre la calidad del aire a nivel estatal, nacional o mundial. Un nuevo mapa interactivo le permitirá alejarse para ver el plano mayor o acercarse para ver los datos de un monitor de calidad del aire singular.

Smoke Sense. La Agencia de Protección Ambiental (EPA) de los EE. UU. anunció una actualización de su aplicación móvil Smoke Sense, la cual puede ayudar a los usuarios a saber las condiciones de calidad del aire durante un incendio forestal y la manera de proteger su salud del humo. La aplicación Smoke Sense puede descargarse gratuitamente en la App Store y en Google Play. Infórmese:

Comunicados de prensa en español https://espanol.epa.gov/espanol/comunicados-de-prensa




Videos - October releases

Children's Health Month Event. Acting Administrator Wheeler announced $9 million in rebates to public school bus fleets and highlighted dozens of active programs at EPA that focus on children's health and healthy learning environments.

EPA Congratulates 2018 SmartWay Excellence Shipper and Logistics Award Recipients. Learn about the recipients' winning environmental performance and actions to reduce freight emissions.


Various ways the agency works to protect human health and the environment. EPA's Region 2 (NY, NJ, PR, VI) released two podcasts: one is about ways EPA works with communities to involve them in decision-making, and another is about this year's Superfund 40th anniversary.
Available for free online and through iTunes (search "EPA Podcasts").





Month: Food Recovery Month

Day: November 15, America Recycles Day




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