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Vertical Wind GeneratorRenewable Energy Stimulus Grant

The University has been awarded the Renewable Energy Technology Stimulus Grant Program of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The amount of the Grant is $955,000 from the State and $265,000 matching funds from the University for a total $1,220,000. The Grant enables the University to increase the renewable energy in the Corpus Christi area; provide energy savings for the sites selected; reduce the carbon footprint; engage in active institutional learning from the project and raise the sustainability awareness of the students and campus community.

The grant was written for eight 4kW and three 20kW vertical wind generators provided by Urban Green Energy. There will be two 20kW generators and two 4kW generators installed near the Central Plant location on the campus; the Momentum Campus location will have one 20kW generator and two 4kW generators. The Flour Bluff Innovation Center will have four 4kW generators installed. The installed capacity of the generators will produce an estimated 217,945 kWh of electricity for renewable energy. This project allows the University to take a first important step toward learning, educating and leading the region to a sustainable future.


Wind Energy at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Three Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi locations are now home to 11 vertical-axis wind turbines producing a combined total capacity of 92 kilowatts, making this the largest installation of its kind in the nation. With help from the area’s unique high-speed afternoon winds, 300 tons of CO2 emissions will be displaced by the wind turbines each year. Another noteworthy accomplishment is that the 20-kilowatt vertical axis wind turbines are the largest of this type in the continental United States.

The installed vertical axis wind turbines will create opportunities for learning, research, and innovation to apply engineering principles to real-world wind power generation. In addition to educational benefits, the project will set an example of sustainability for the Coastal Bend region. The harvesting of wind energy for power generation will significantly increase the University’s installed capacity of renewable energy, and greatly reduce its carbon footprint. The wind turbines will produce an estimated 217,946 kilowatt hours of electricity generated from renewable resources.


Solar Energy On Campus

There are 100 solar panels installed on the roof of our Enginering Building.


                92 – 250 Watt Poly crystalline panels

                4 – 260 Watt Mono crystalline panels

                4 – 255 Watt mono crystalline panels


                System total – 25060 watts or about 25 kilowatts


Each panel has a micro inverter which will allow monitoring of the individual panels.

Solar Panels


LED Lighting

The part of the Library was retrofited with LED Lighting.

The Kilowatt/hours usage with Florescent Bulbs are:
›152,064.0 kWh Annually (50 weeks)
›48,660.48 kWh per Semester (16 weeks)
›3,041.3 kWh per Week (108 hours)
›28.16 kWh per Hour
The Potential Kilowatt/hours usage with LED Bulbs:
›95,040.0 kWh Annually (50 weeks)
›30,412.8 kWh per Semester (16 weeks)
›1,900.8 kWh per Week (108 hours)
›17.6 kWh per Hour
Savings (kWh):
›57,024.00 kWh Annually (50 weeks)
›18,247.68 kWh per Semester (16 weeks)
›1,140.50 kWh per Semester (108 hours)
›10.56 kWh per Hour