Calling all Muralists!!

The Islander Green Team is sponsoring an Eco-Mural Contest.

Enter your Mural Design for a chance to have
your original artwork painted on the walls of the storage building at the Islander Garden.

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Islander Green Team's mission is to spread awareness about environmental issues within our community, to promote opportunities and events for students, faculty and staff to become engaged and educated about environmental conservation along with striving for socio-ecological justice.

Our 3 main goals are:

1.) To be stewards of the environment

2.) Work side by side with the environmental council of TAMUCC

3.) To strive for environmental sustainability on campus and lead by example

The Green Team was developed to publicize the growing number of projects and programs that promote sustainability through environmental initiatives taking place around campus. If you sponsor programs, research, or know of other activities that promote environmental stewardship/green initiatives, tell us your stories by: providing photos, web site links, and other applicable information. To have your green initiative postings included on this Web site, please e-mail them to us!

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See the Green Team featured on the Local News

The Caller Times - TAMUCC Introduces Eco-Friendly Waste Bins

KRIS-TV - TAMUCC Students Go Green on Campus 



Click here to take a glance at all our past IGT events (2016-2018)

Below is a campus map showing the location of our garden, refill stations, recycle bins, composting kitchens and more.

Together we are able to ensure our University Environment stays Green and Clean!


Calling All of Islander Green!

How do you want your Garden? What do you want to grow? What would you want to see or even eat? Floral or vegetation?

Apply for your very own garden box!

 Garden picturegarden picture 2garden picture 3garden picture 4


 If you or an organization would like to claim a box, please fill out the form below. Please be aware that it will be your job to take care of and water what you have planted.

Click Here to Request a Garden Box to Plant in

Garden Box


Here is the Link to the Garden Build and Expansion Photo Albums 20152016 and check out the News Article for the Islander Gardens!

For more pictures on the Garden Build Event visit our FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/tamuccislandergreen


Are you part of the TAMUCC Community? Then you are part of Islander Green!

Join the Islander Green Team

The Green Team supports the Environmental Council and the Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Environmental Policy. The team encourages Environmental Stewardship while promoting school spirit and Environmental Awareness.

Learn more about what you can do to help out the environment here

Register on I-Engage to stay updated on meetings & events!




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Islander Green Activities
Click Here for a list of Activities proposed for the Islander Green Team.

Contact us with any ideas, feedback, or comments at 


or at (361) 825-5555


Islander Green Website Under Construction Notice:

In preparing for the Islander Green Team, this Islander Green Web page will be continually under construction and updating.

Check back frequently for new information and meeting schedules.

Environmental Council Meeting:

The Environmental Council meets to review proposals for green projects that will be funded by the student approved Environmental Service (Green) Fee.

Students are welcome to attend.

Check out the EC Website for more information on the Environmental Council.

Send your ideas to our facebook, I-Engage, student government representatives, staff or faculty councils, or the Environmental, Health & Safety Department.